Friday, February 26, 2010

Old News Is Still Good News.

For those of you who were really left out of the loop...

I am pregnant.

And Due March 3, 2010.

That's in about 5 days...but who's counting?!!?

Oh yeah, ME!

It started in June when I found out because I was feeling like crap. Leon was away for the week at Boys Scout Camp...I was solo with our boys and Max's friend for the week. It was perfect timing. Luckily, I called my brother who came and stayed and entertained after I shared the secret. Oh, a couple of things:

1. No cell phone reception in the mountains, so I couldn't share this unexpected news with Leon.

2. My parents were both away and didn't have reception where they were either.

3. Did I mention how horribly ill I was?!!?

Okay, so Trevor to the rescue! Eventually I was able to tell Leon, 4 days later and it has been surreal ever since.

What we do know through this experience...

Miracles truly happen.

It is a BOY!

He is nicknamed "The Reyes TieBreaker" as we wait to see who he looks like!

The older I get, the harder pregnancy is.

I tend to not sweat the small stuff as much.

Oh, and leaving the best for last...I am really cranky.
(challenging when trying not to sweat the small stuff!)

I will be induced Monday morning if I don't go into labor over the weekend. I am ready. Everyone is ready. In the mean time I am looking back on the last few months that have left me in survival mode...there is so much to catch up on blog-wise, and I want to since this is as good as it gets for the journaling part of me.

Gotta go...Sam just got into my baking cabinet and dumped sprinkles all over the place. Part of me thinks he knows I am in survival mode and is taking advantage of the situation. He's so smart.