Friday, June 27, 2008

This is our dog Rocky. He joined our family when Max was 4 and I was going through a serious bout of baby hunger that felt more like starvation. I thought a dog would satisfy Max's need for a sibling and offer companionship. I also thought a puppy would satisfy my need for an infant. Four years later, I now have a rebellious "teenage" dog who drives me crazy.

Last week I thought I wanted to kill him or just beat him silly (don't worry, I didn't...but I really, really wanted to) because he ate ALL of my herbs. Thyme, Rosemary, Basil, Sage, Parsley, Cilantro. EVERY SINGLE LEAF OF EVERY SINGLE BUNCH. I thought I was in a dream...I couldn't believe my eyes...GONE....ALL GONE.

I got over it, until today when my healing wound was reopened. The 4 foot tall barrier Leon built around the garden was proven worthless by this mutt. After scaling the fence, he dug up my tomatoes and tore up zucchini, cantaloup and cucumber. So, if you see him wandering around town, do not feel pity for this dog and do not return him. He had it coming.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I have several posts that I have started and haven't finished.

I have wondered who reads this blog of mine anyway?

I have enjoyed midnight sewing projects and have been thinking outside the box.

I have watched Sam master crawling and sitting up in the middle of the night crying.

I have appreciated friends...old and new.

I have tried to be more patient, and sometimes succeeded.

I have been wanting more babies.

I have been sweeping and mopping everyday.

I thought I'd case you were curious.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Who's the Boss?

Today I heard something really cute...

When I was a kid, my Dad was the Boss.
Now that I'm the Dad, my kid is the Boss.
When do I become the Boss?

It's Fathers Day and it has been quite eventful!

It started with our Air Conditioner going out (it does that on holidays and Sundays, so does our plumbing).

I made french toast and yogurt with blueberries and honey...because today is the day when I cook breakfast for breakfast, other times it's for dinner.

Sam whacked his head and I MEAN WHACKED it on the changing table! It was heartbreaking and horrible.

Max and I made a Marshmallow Gun for Trevor, but remembered we don't buy marshmallows. Blueberries aren't the same and CANNOT be shot at each other because they WILL STAIN!!!! Later my parents are bringing some...stale but they should shoot just the same!

Max's gift to Leon was an afternoon of "Pitch and Put". Max's treat! The funniest's free to pitch and put at the golf course! Here is a cute picture we took today of Max dressed up like day he will fill these shoes and pants and it will be bittersweet.

Many Happy Father's Day wishes to all of the Dads we know and many who are wonderful hard working men who honor their families and live their lives with integrity and loyalty! Especially to Leon, who even lets me sometimes get away with being the "Boss".


Thursday, June 12, 2008

Baby Brother Trevor.

Today my little brother turns 17. Here are some facts you might enjoy...

We are 14 years apart and were both pretty much raised as the "only child".

Trevor and Max are 8 years apart. So are Max and Sam.

Trevor called me "Mommy-Sis" when he was just "Sis".

He drank bleach from a cup I left on my bathroom counter...I still feel awful about that one.

When he was a toddler, Trevor liked singing in the car with me...he loved Madonna, The Carpenters and 10,000 Maniacs.

I hated when people asked me, "How old is your baby?" Remember, I was 14. Now I would love to claim him as mine.

I almost got a ticket for driving with Trevor when he wasn't in a car seat. He was buckled in a seat belt.

He loved Barney and was thrilled when a house we rented had a bedroom with Barney purple colored carpet. I was nice enough to let him have it...more like relieved he wanted it!

When Trev was 3 he could tell you exactly what a McDonalds kids meal cost (including tax)...for awhile he was referred to as McTrevor.

He's gonna hate me for this one...

He preferred wearing a Speedo as a child and still does (just kidding).

I cannot imagine my life without Trevor. He is sweet and funny and a great role model for Max and Sam. I love watching him grow up, he makes me proud to be his Sis.