Saturday, February 21, 2009

Play At Your Own Risk.

Nothing can challenge the self esteem of your homemaking skills like your 9 year old and his friend deciding to play a game of hide and seek inside your home.

Instead of crushing their creative spirits, I took a deep breath and gave them the green light.

With one exception of room is completely off limits!

With the sun shiny and spring almost here, it is definitely time to spruce up this place. So, I have officially declared we will commence with some cleaning after this play date!

After all, there is nothing more uninviting than sunshine fighting its way through dingy and dusty windows.

I have also decided that we will celebrate with a no holds barred game of hide and seek with Max and friends. After all I do feel the need to redeem myself after today!

Monday, February 16, 2009

1989...we meet again.

When I was in 6th grade I had a major crush.

This is a little embarrassing.  No, very embarrassing.  But here goes...

It was very unlikely that the boy I had this infatuation with even knew of my existence. 

And everyone knew it.  

There was no chance with him.  

Even my parents knew it.  

It must have been painful for my mom to break it to me because she didn't.

In fact she did just the opposite.

She encouraged it.  

She stood in line with me and my friends to purchase tickets to see him.

I knew fate (or the magic of Ticketmaster) would finally bring us together.

But the raging hormones of a love struck preteen are quite unpredictable. 

They can sometimes create havoc within a home and lead to some serious consequences.

And so I was grounded and devastated.

The tickets were sold and life went on...without him.

20 years later and I have a chance to see him.  

I am truly tempted.

Relive 1989.  

Tease my bangs and wear scrunchy socks.  

Maybe some frosted pink lipstick?

What do you think?  

Who wants to go?

Seriously, I have NEVER been to a concert in my life! 

It would be so fun!  

A second chance to relive a moment of my adolescence?  

And you can too!  Now who's going with me?!!?
Oh, and if you choose to be a party pooper, I might just come and decorate your yard...


Welcome back 1989!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Love Notes.

It started with a fun heart shaped card holder...
Perfect for love notes.

So with heart felt sentiments for each other, we wrote.

Max, you are as tough like a tiger and sweet like a bowl of peppermint ice cream.
I love your shiny blue eyes and when you hold my hand!
I love you! Mom

Sam, you are my lovey. I love your kisses in the morning and when you cuddle!
I love you and love being your mom!

Leon, you make me laugh and smile with your silliness.
I love being your wife and I love your muscles (I feel safe).
My love for you is red hot!!!
Love, Jen

and my personal favorite...

Dad, I love you deep down in my heart because you are generous.
Love, Max

I have not received permission to publish the rest, but lets just say they are filled with love.

Groundhog Blues.

I am not ready for another 6 weeks of winter.

I am ready for 
cute skirts
afternoons at the park 
snapping sunny photos
ice cream
bring on the ice cream.

I don't even get the whole groundhog thing.  If he sees his shadow doesn't it mean it's sunny and warm and ready for spring?  I think it's a little backwards if you ask me.
*By the way, I love this picture as illusional as it is...
 I have always dreamed of having long legs!
Actually I had long legs once.
Oh, I never told you?
I  just traded them in for a better personality in the pre-existence!