Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Another Year Older.

My birthday was on a Wednesday this year. That alone should have been a sign that it was going to be a forgettable day. When you're 33 with kids and your birthday falls in the middle of the week it's not expected to be a celebration with fireworks and a fancy dinner. Instead, it's cleaning toilets, forgetting your kid at school, 2 hour football practice in 107 degree weather and cheese quesadillas for dinner. So August 25th 2010 came and went as expected and it's okay with me.

It's hard sometimes as a mom to say, "Don't forget to help the kids make a card for ME!" or "Maybe you could help the boys find something special for ME for MY birthday." or "Ya think you could convince the boys to do extra chores the since it's MY birthday?" or "Maybe since they have zero money, you could remind them to give me a big BIRTHDAY hug." It's hard because it shouldn't have to be done...right?!!?

But the reality is, most traditions come from us moms. We really are talented when it comes to making our family members feel special, especially on their day. Growing up, our family had a tradition that was passed down from my moms family...birthday dinner. The menu was made to your liking. What ever you wanted, it was served. I have always loved birthday dinner and so does our little family. Leon+Birthday=Tostadas (every year!)

This year was no different, even being 33. We had dinner on Saturday night at my parents with a "just surprise me" menu that turned into an instant favorite. Seriously, my Mom is amazing and thoughtful.

Beef Bourguignon with roasted potatoes
and for dessert...
Pavlova with summer berries

It turned out to be memorable after all!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Saying Our Goodbyes.

Elder Casey

My boys.

Trevor's duffle bag was a freebie from
The California Lottery...can you see the emblem?
I teased him because his tie matched it perfectly.
I wonder if he did that on purpose?

Monday, August 16, 2010


Sam is an insistent child. The last two days he hasn't stopped telling me over and over again that he is going to Honduras. I wonder what he pictures in his mind when he says that.

We spent Sunday in Delano. First, Trevor spoke in church...it was amazing! I have other thoughts about his talk...I'll share another time. I will say this, he has an amazing ability to connect with those who listen to him. I have NEVER been more proud of my brother.
We spent the rest of the day at my parents house. We snacked and each of us found a place to snooze. It was a perfect Sunday afternoon.

Trevor said Sunday night that I won't be even thinking about him with all that I will be doing while raising the boys. I think he won't even be thinking of me with all of the teaching and service he will be enjoying in Honduras. Fair enough.

I have been teased by Max for my tears, I wonder when it will sink in for him. Tomorrow we will be seeing Trevor off at the airport. 2 years. Tears will pour, I am sure of that.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Mas Los Angeles.

A trip to LA wouldn't be complete without a walk
around the temple while enjoying Sprinkles cupcakes.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Trip 2010.

We started out calling this a mini family vacation. I soon realized any traveling with kids is not a vacation, it is a trip. None the less, we had a good time together. We had some moments where we tried each others patience but we laughed and made some memories...

Like, playing dress up in Nordstrom. We were kind enough to use cheaper props and not designer handbags...I am sure they appreciated the gesture.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Summer is coming to a end...well, summer vacation that is. The heat is here to stay for at least a couple of months. Ewww. Tonight we drove through (or is it thru?) our favorite donut (or is it doughnut?) shop for drinks. No donuts today, but a large beverage with the best pellet ice in town...yes, please!

We love this place. The best Old Fashions around. We even dropped in to celebrate National Donut Day (yep, I'm for real) at our beloved Scotty's on Houston. This day was actually what kicked started our summer. See? Yum.

Tonight intended to be a night without a donut, so I thought. That was until our friendly server who always calls me "dear" filled a bag with donut holes and waved to the kids who were salivating in the back of the minivan. They really know how to keep their customers coming back for more, don't they?!!?

Speaking of yummy, check out this guy...