Thursday, July 10, 2008

Brace Yourselves.

Because Sam is such an easy going baby, I often will lay him down for a nap and listen to him babble, laugh and play for 10-20 minutes before he falls asleep. For some reason today, I decided to check on him and what I found was quite a sight.

First...naked baby standing up with a big drooly grin. Happy. Naked. Cute. Until I walked closer. The smell hit me and then I looked in the crib. From the trail of evidence I have concluded that he started to poop in his diaper then took it off, continued pooping and played in it.

I know. Gross. Disgusting. A bath followed the cries of "Oh, Sam!" and "Max, HELP!"

And I actually thought wearing only a diaper would be a good idea. Good for staying cool in the heat, but not so good for conserving energy, as I have spent hours of added laundry to my day!

Oh my goodness...excuse me while I change another explosion!!!! I think we may have a problem here...

Monday, July 7, 2008


What is that you ask? The license plate of the crazies that threw things at our car, attempted to run us off the road, and made the 3 hour drive home from Los Angeles very long and scary.

In Valencia on Highway 5, Leon accidently cut someone off on the freeway. Truly accidental and actually not even close enough to causing any harm. We were quickly made aware of this mistake by the long HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOnk the driver gave. Apparently Leon's action was aggravating enough to the driver that he decided to throw what I am guessing by the stickiness of my car was a bottle of soda at me through the passenger window. Completely unexpected and terrifying.

About 10 miles down the road the crazy driver swerves over 3 lanes to the far right lane we were cautiously driving in and the passenger now begins tossing whatever he could at our car while giving hand gestures and screaming at us...all while driving 70 mph. I only can imagine what they were saying...but was more concerned with our car full of precious cargo staying in our lane and not getting in an accident.

I begin to then instruct Leon to not attempt to pass them and stay slowly and safely behind them. I figured we were less likely to have any more confrontations if we were behind them.

Of course I am determined at this point to call 911 and then become frustrated because I am on HOLD for the "next available operator" for about 10 minutes. What if this were a life or death emergency? I was starting to think it could be. The operator instructs us to stay behind them and maintain a safe speed and distance.

So the rest of the drive we are making sure that if 5XDL640 is close ahead, we duck and cover and pray we make it home alive. I also thought of the VERY IMPORTANT REASONS the driver could be so angry...

Maybe he was transporting a wedding cake and as he put on his brakes the cake toppled over.

Maybe he was delivering an urn of ashes and they scattered as he put on his brakes.

Maybe his family earns a living delivering eggs from LA to Fresno and they cracked when he put on his brakes.

Maybe when he put on his brakes, he spilled his Slurpee all over himself and he threw it at us to show us what a mess it makes.

Yeah, probably not. We made it home safely and that's all that really matters, although I really hope the CHP found him and pulled him over and found out there were several warrants for his arrest and took him away in handcuffs! All revenge aside, it really is good to be home alive.