Monday, September 8, 2008

Guilty Pleasures.

In case you ever wanted/needed to know I have a few guilty pleasures. One of them is OPRAH. I am not a big TV watcher, but I love me some Oprah. I especially love to hear her say, "All New" and today is just that!!

What I can't wait to see is if she is still curvy Oprah or not. I like curvy Oprah. I like it when curvy Oprah was getting a little more curvy than usually and just finally admitted that she likes real food. Wasn't that liberating? Poor Dr. Oz and Bob Greene, they were probably furious with her, but I love it!

I respect her search for personal growth and well being, although I did give an eye roll when she did her Vegan Cleanse at the end of last season. "Here we go again," was my take on that. Dairy=another guilty pleasure. I am far from joining the Vegans.

One sure bet, politics will be on the agenda (Obama). Probably a good book or two. Definitely Dr. Oz with his know-it-all body science. Someone to motivate us all to be do gooders. Any more predictions out there?